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Value for money fishing in The Gambia, designed with your safety, comfort and enjoyment in mind

Born from a mutual love for catching Big fish and The Gambia, Hooked on Gambia has just 3 aims:-

  1. To provide an efficient and professional service which results in you spending MORE time fishing whilst spending LESS on the overall cost of your Gambian fishing trip.
  2. To offer a sustainable approach to fishing in The Gambia, thereby safeguarding BIG catches ( and income ) for future generations of both tourists and locals alike.
  3. And above all, to have fun and enjoyment catching BIG fish !

How will we do this ?

  • Our fishing trips will take into account tide times and local weather condition
  • We will operate with a European business ethic.
  • We will not be tied to any tour operators or companies offering Gambian fishing holidays.
  • We will operate a catch and release scheme on smaller fish.
  • We will operate an open & honest approach to fishing.
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